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Still, flying with corona can be quite exciting. Of course you don't want to get sick or infect other people. Of course you have done such a test, but you can possibly infect someone from a distance. This is of course something you would never want on your conscience. Therefore it's certainly useful to pay attention to what you do when you do fly with corona. When you are going to land, this is sometimes still quite difficult because there are many people who are also at the airport. There are a few things you can do to make sure it's all safe.

Wash your hands

One of the things you can do is very easily and simply wash your hands often. That way, you prevent the spread of the virus if you have it on you. Of course, you probably already tested negative, but you may have touched something that could have infected you. It is therefore useful to wash your hands often. You can also choose to take disinfection with you, so that your hands are always infected when you have touched something. It is advised not to do this too often, because your hands are not very resistant. That way you can land safely with corona

Keep your distance

Another important thing is to keep your distance from everyone. Sometimes this can be difficult because everyone is walking on top of each other at the airport. When you land, it is even more difficult because you all have to go through the same corridor. Make sure you are one of the last people or one of the first to get off the plane. In this way, you will have as little contact with everybody as possible and you will also minimize the risk of getting infected. This is of course very important if you have to travel for work and you don't want to get sick. Therefore, always keep the 1.5 M distance which is not recommended. Sometimes it is difficult, but it is the best you can do.

Wear a mouth mask whenever possible

It's not always advisable, it's not always nice either, but when you're walking around and getting out of an airport, it's wise to have your mouth mask on as much as possible. That way you prevent mouth contact or you with your hands on your mouth. This way you can prevent contact with bacteria that you carry with you, you just get a lot less sick and this is of course what you want to achieve. It is important that you here mouth mask fixed or your mouth mask changed, because otherwise all the bacteria is a mouth mask and you touch it again and again with your hands. In this way the mouth guard was no longer, because you still touch the bacteria that otherwise would have been stopped by the mouth guard. This is something you should definitely keep an eye on, because this way you can infect others with them and also yourself. When you travel for work, this is of course one big setback and you should definitely keep this in mind if you don't want this to happen. Also, always wear your mouth mask over your mouth and nose and not just or your mouth or just over your nose.

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