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When you are going to adopt a dog from abroad you want to be sure that this happened well. There are several organizations that mediate and where you have less chance of a misbuy. You should not just believe the stories you see on social media or marketplace. Adopting a dog is not risk-free. It may be that the dog has hereditary diseases about which there is no documentation. Or you may have a stray dog that is more difficult to raise. So think carefully if this is the way to go about buying a dog. You do help a dog from the streets or give him or her a better life.

Advantages of adopting a dog from abroad

The biggest and best advantage of adopting a dog is that you can offer him a good life. Often in certain countries they live in inferior conditions or even on the street. You don't want this for a human being so also not for a dog. Also it costs much less than buying a dog at a breeder. Most foundations take care that the dog is vaccinated. But they also look at the behavior of the dog. Always have a veterinarian in the Netherlands do a health check. Often the dogs are more social because they are used to a large pack.

Disadvantages of adopting a dog from abroad

Adopting a dog from abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. In some cases you will only find out later that the dog has behavioural abnormalities. You also have to do an extra check with your vet to keep diseases like worms and parasites out. This happens not everywhere and not always equally well. Gardia is a contagious disease that many dogs from abroad carry. Have the dog tested for it because it is contagious to humans. Diagnosis at an early stage is vital for these dogs. So try not to economise unnecessarily on this.

Where can you find dogs to adopt from abroad?

Most dogs adopted from abroad come from Spain, Greece or Romania. This is because here a lot of dogs end up on the streets and are hunted down. In some places they are even poisoned because the dogs cannot be taken care of. This is a big problem and also the reason why there are so many foundations that fight this. Only a few dogs are lucky that they end up in a shelter in their country of origin. Foundations and private persons do therefore everything to get these dogs out of the country of origin. They do all this to offer the dogs a good life.

What goes wrong abroad that we want to adopt dogs?

Many of the dog caretakers abroad are not able to take care of the dog. There are also a lot of stray dogs, which is why breeding is done on a large scale. Every day hundreds of dogs and more are caught. Sometimes people don't like the behaviour of the dogs. Because there are few places abroad where you can leave them they are dumped on the streets. This is not something the dogs deserve and that is why we come into action. A good foundation has the right information where they can save the most dogs.

What happens to the dog when we adopt them from abroad?

When private persons or foundations adopt dogs from abroad they are often placed in a shelter. But it can also be that an owner is already waiting for a new buddy. During the stay at a shelter they work on the social character of the dog and they try to process any traumas. Only in this way the dog can become a companion. From a culture shock they end up in a shelter. It is therefore important that the dog can settle down first. Often they are afraid of people because of the things they have experienced.

Why do you have to be so careful when adopting a dog from abroad?

Many people are rather anxious for the fact of buying a dog from abroad. This is because many private individuals give a description of the dog that is not correct. And when you have bought him or her there is no way back often. In addition, many people underestimate the care and attention the dog needs. And of course behaviour is also a vulnerable element. When the dog doesn't want to listen it's not nice to have it in the house. There are also many contagious diseases abroad that a dog can transmit to humans. But also simple vaccinations like for worms and parasites they often haven't had. These are all additional costs in the Netherlands.

How's the aftercare?

Recognized organizations also offer some form of aftercare after adopting a dog from abroad. So you know that you are dealing with reliable people. The quality and name of a foundation are also at stake when things go wrong. That is why they have this in high esteem. It is not always predictable how the dog will develop during the journey or at the placement. Because many dogs are not used to human attention this will also take some time. The foundation also helps with a possible re-homing. This to prevent the dog to be out on the street again.

What are the main points to watch out for?

It is important that you separate the so-called wheat from the chaff when adopting a dog from abroad. You can often find information and experiences about the foundations on the internet. That way you know which one suits you best. It is also wise to read the conditions calmly and carefully. When in doubt, ask questions or adjust the contract. If this is not possible, you are probably dealing with a malicious organization. Pathetic talk and pictures often influence your thoughts. But you should not let this influence you. The most important thing is that you know the truth and service of the organization. Character should also play a bigger role than appearance. And so there are many more tips

Making a profile

With a profile you make your wishes clear to the organization that mediates in adopting a dog from abroad. Important things that are often overlooked can be included. An example is that you ask character questions such as does the dog have a hunting instinct. If he or she has it will be difficult to keep him or her in check. But also questions like if the dog likes to be alone or if it prefers to be with other pets are important before you buy a dog. But also if it is a watchful and protective dog or just a pet. This way they can find the right match for you.

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