Nonviolent communication

A way has been developed in which the world can communicate without violence. There is a lot of unnecessary violence in the world. This happens everywhere. Therefore it would be very nice to have a non-violent communication.

What does it mean exactly?

In everyday life, everyone encounters problems in communicating with others. This is something that often occurs when there are conflicting interests. This is because opposing interests can make it difficult to agree on certain things. 

If you still want to get your message across to the other person, it is important to remain understanding without changing your opinion. Here comes quickly irritation. This is why people often fall back into old habits. Then you just want to get your right and you do not listen to the other. 

Through non-violent communication, these conflicts should be resolved. You have to focus on what you perceive, how you feel, what you need and what exactly you want to achieve. The focus is on communicating from your feelings and your needs without interpreting the feelings and needs of the other person. This allows you to easily connect with yourself and the other. 

The model of non-violent communication

In non-violent communication, a model has been drawn up. If you stick to this model, the communication will often run a lot smoother. This is of course what you are looking for when it comes to communication. The model works with communication from which you communicate with your own perceptions, feelings and needs. 

The model consists of four parts. There is perception, feeling, need and request. You have to apply these in a kind of circle. If you do this well, it is possible to communicate without violence. 

First you have to apply perception. You observe what you see and what you hear. If you want to do this non-violently, you should not add your own interpretations. You have to say exactly what you see. 

Second, you need to apply your feelings. After you have told what you saw, it is important to explain your feelings about the situation. If you want to do this non-violently, you have to do this without adding the action of another person to it. 

Thirdly, the needs component is applied. The positive and negative feelings towards someone are often caused by whether or not your needs are met. In nonviolent communication it is the intention that this makes you realise that your own needs are the cause of your feelings and not so much the behaviour that the other person displays. 

Finally, it is important to make a request. Here you say what you would like. However, it is important that this is a positive message to another. In a positive way means that you indicate what you do want instead of what you do not want. 

When to apply?

It becomes difficult to apply this model all the time. That is why it is important to know when to apply it. People also like to be able to rage about something. You have to be able to do that, but it is important to look carefully at the situation in which you can do that and to whom you do that. 

If you have a number of people like friends or a relationship where you can rave about certain things, this is a good choice to go for. However, this can also be your parents, for example.

At the moment you find yourself in a professional situation, it is important to try to work with the model. This way it is much easier to solve a difficult situation. By applying the model, you ensure that you can have a good working day without unnecessary conflicts. 

Also when you are visiting others with whom you are not so good friends or of whom you don't know what they think is good, it can be a good option to choose to apply the model. This will ensure that you both get into a situation where you won't have any conflicts with each other. 

Worldwide network

Worldwide there are a lot of people who also use this system. It is a large network that is growing all the time. 

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