Music lesson

Nowadays there are many people who like to play an instrument. This is also very fun and can also be quite useful to do. This is because making music is also very good for you. Therefore it is a nice hobby to play an instrument. 

Why is making music good for you?

It is good for you to make music. This is something that to many people actually sounds quite strange. However, it is scientifically proven that making music is good for you. Music contributes to mental and physical health. 

Music is something that can do a lot to your brain. There are a lot of scientific researches about this. However, they do not know the exact working of music on your brain. But it is certain that music has a positive effect on your brain.

Playing music yourself

When you are playing music, different things are activated in your brain. So every time you play music, you are actually training your brain to become better at it. Many musicians are therefore able to apply the power of their brain not only to the music, but also to other things. 

By doing different musical activities you will ensure that you can solve problems in a creative and effective way. These are not only problems that you may encounter in school but also problems that may occur in social life. 

Music makes you feel for the feelings of others. The melody in music can completely take you into a feeling. If you are listening to sad music, chances are that it will make you sad yourself. 

The emotional lyrics and melodies of music often make it easier to be empathetic towards others. This makes it a lot easier to deal with the feelings of others. If you know how to notice this, contact with others is often a lot easier. 

Making music from an early age

There is a lot of research on how music affects the brain and brain development. Basically all studies come to the same conclusion when they look at children. That is that any child who makes music has a higher IQ than children who do not make music. 

Your brain is divided into two parts. The left half and the right half. The left half is meant to regulate speech and intellect, and the right half is meant to regulate feeling. Through music making, these two become more strongly connected. This is because making music strengthens the neurons in the brain. 

Because these two brain hemispheres then become extra connected, there are a number of other positive effects that making music can have on your brain. The emotional development of children is also stimulated. This ensures that children learn about feelings, cooperation and develop extra creativity. 

Playing an instrument also helps you practice your motor skills. The thing they do when playing an instrument is touching, listening and looking. This ensures that the senses are well developed. Furthermore, making music helps with the development of speech and language. 

Language problems

It may happen that your child has language problems. This is something that happens to many children. This can be solved through music. If you let your child make a lot of music, chances are that the speech will also develop better. 

Speech problems are mainly developed by not being able to listen to sounds properly. This is therefore something that children should learn well. Learning to distinguish sounds can be done well through music. If you want to teach your child this well, you can choose to give your child music lessons. In this way, the speech of the child develops further and further until it can talk properly and often also read.

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