Postal rates abroad

For a letter or a card you have fixed postal rates when you want to send it abroad. In the Netherlands we have a large organization that is specialized in this, namely POST NL. That's why they have an international stamp that determines the value of sending mail abroad. However, the rates may differ between countries. Also the rates for business letters over 50 are more advantageous.

What are the postal rates abroad based on

The postal rates for foreign countries are based on the average costs a postal company makes for sending letters and mail abroad. When this decreases you will also notice that it becomes more expensive. We experienced this a few years ago with the postage stamp and the new international stamp. It depends on the transport costs and the number of parcels sent. 1 or 2 times a year they can change these rates according to the law.

What does it cost to send a parcel abroad?

In addition to sending letters abroad, there are also postal rates for sending packages abroad. At this moment there is a corona surcharge for packages outside the EU. For a letterbox parcel you pay between 4.65 and 12 euros depending on the weight when you send it within the EU. Outside the EU it can amount up to 19 euro including corona surcharge. A normal parcel abroad to 12 KG costs 9.30 to 23 euros without track and trace code. A standard package within EU 1 costs 13 to 45 euro depending on the weight. And with that you can send up to 23 kg. Rates outside the EU may vary depending on the country you are shipping to.

Who sets the postal rates for foreign countries

Postal companies decide on their own postal rates for foreign countries. Everything has to be within reasonable and fair limits and is also monitored by the court of auditors. Often it depends on the country where the company is active. POST NL for example is active in the Netherlands and Belgium which enables them to keep their prices low. But a DHL again in the Netherlands and Germany. They are also becoming a major competitor for POST NL. Always check the Internet before sending a letter or package.

What are the rates for sending mail abroad?

There are fixed postal rates for sending letters or cards abroad. With a maximum weight of 20 grams, this costs €1,55. This is equal to the value of 1 international stamp. For letters or cards up to 50 grams, you'll need 2 stamps. Up to 100 grams it costs 4,65 per letter or card. For 100 grams or more, which is rare, you'll need 5 stamps. From 350 grams to 2 kilograms there is a postal rate of 6 international stamps. They also apply maximum sizes for sending letters or cards. Check the website of the sender.

Registered mail rates abroad

If you want to know whether the recipient has received the letter in good order, you can opt for registered mail. Registered mail gives you the assurance that the recipient will actually receive it. But you can also track the letter from A to B. The postage rates for registered mail abroad are 12.55 or 14.55 in Europe. This depends on the country of destination. Outside Europe it costs €19,30. However, here they have chosen for standard rates up to 2 KG. So a letter of 10 grams costs the same as a letter of 2000 grams.

Foreign postage rates per zone

In the Netherlands POST NL and DHL are the largest shippers of parcels. They also apply the most advantageous rates. This is because they use 2 European zones to which packages are sent regularly. You can check the postal rates for sending letters or packages abroad directly on the Internet. Often the online creation of a label is also much cheaper than when you let it do by a parcel point. This is because the employee of the shop spends extra time on it and therefore costs extra money. Outside the European Union you may have to deal with surcharges. Always check the price before sending the package so you will not be surprised unnecessarily.

Why do we send parcels abroad

Most people send parcels abroad when family, friends or acquaintances live there. But it also happens more and more that a company becomes international. As an extra service they then offer to send parcels and letters outside their own country. The postal rates and prices for packages differ per country. Always check in your country which providers there are and what the prices are. A tip is to send it with track and trace. This may cost some extra. But this way you know that the package arrives to the right person. And that it is actually delivered or how long it will take.

Weight determines the postal rate for foreign countries

The biggest factor in determining postal rates for international mail is the weight. This can sometimes be as much as 20 or 25 KG. Often you have different rates within Europe. When you have a rush package and want it delivered quickly, there is usually an additional charge. In general, normal shipments within Europe within 2 to 10 days. The heavier the package, the more you have to pay. In Europe there are 2 zones for which different rates apply. Outside Europe you may also have to deal with other rates and surcharges. Please check the website of the sender.

Why do we have postal rates for foreign countries

The Netherlands is an international society but we mainly trade with the EU. That is why most postal companies apply European preferential rates. But when you want to send a letter or package outside the EU, different postage rates apply. This is of course because it is further away by bus, boat, train or other means of transport. But also the weight and any import duties are charged to the customer. Because it happens less often that we send something outside the EU, the price is also much higher. A full truck is much cheaper than a half-full truck. You could compare it like that.

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