Miniature poodle

If you are looking for a Miniature Poodle that is treated well by the breeder, you should look at NPC. When a breeder is affiliated with this, the rules and requirements for the breed are guaranteed. So you can be sure that you don't get a mixed breed. But also that they are well treated and not from a breeder. There are about 30 kennels that are affiliated with this club. There are only a few breeders who fully adhere to the rules and requirements. In the breed you also have different sizes and types you can choose from.

Standard Miniature Poodle Breeder

A standard dwarf poodle breeder offers the original breed. This is the recognizable large poodle variant that you know from the pictures. They have the standard length and are also large in size. These breeders take good care of the health of the dogs. But they also cuddle their puppies a lot and make sure they are not taken away from their mothers too early. Most breeders are small-scale so the poodles are sold quickly. Good work costs money and that's why the prices differ. Often they grow up in harmony with other pets because the breeders are real animal lovers.

Miniature poodle breeder

The middle size dwarf poodle breeder usually has a supply of slightly smaller or right again larger poodles. They belong to the middle size because they don't have the perfect size. But this doesn't say anything about how sweet and beautiful they are. Many people like to be able to choose for themselves. Of course you have to buy all your supplies for the growth and development of the dog. Usually you can also use these poodles for beauty contests and sports. But most people buy him or her as the ideal buddy of the family. The weight of these dogs runs up to about 10kg.

Miniature poodle breeder

A dwarf poodle breeder does as the name suggests the smaller variants sold. These weigh in most cases no more than 7kg. The size is also ideal when you have children in the house. They are usually only 28 to 35 cm tall. But still they keep the characteristics like the curl in the coat that looks like rolls. It is often called a granny dog. They are also available in more colour variations than the standard Miniature Poodle. Children often love the Miniature Poodle because they can play with it. The dogs are not for nothing known for the great endurance they have.

Toy dwarf poodle breeder

The toy dwarf poodle breeder breeds poodles of 24 to 28 cm at the latest. In most cases, these are also inexpensive dogs to purchase. The purchase price varies between 500 and 900 euros. In contrast to the standard Miniature Poodle, these are real companion animals. They are described as smart, active and loyal to their owners. They are very social dogs and good at getting along with other pets. Their stamina is great and they love a brisk walk. Especially girls and women are completely in love with this breed.

Why people choose a Miniature Poodle

According to the dwarfpoodle breeder, this breed is chosen a lot because they have beautiful curls that look like rolls. Some poodles have spots in their eyes just like a doberman which makes them even cuter. The coat is really to cuddly as woolly and thick as it can get. Some compare the poodle to a giraffe because of the long straight neck they have. The coat of this breed is very rare. The small poodles are very affectionate while the large ones love a challenge and commands. So always think carefully which species suits you best.

Breed description miniature poodle

The dwarf poodle breeder describes the small breed the toy and dwarf poodle as affectionate and social. But do not underestimate them because these dogs are smarter than most people suspect. In addition, they are in for a full day of playing or walking around with the whole family. You can already notice this when the children come from school. In the evening he or she likes to lie in the big bed or in front of the stove. Of course, not everyone will allow this but it is a big wish of these dogs. They are also very suitable as watchdogs. This despite the sweet appearance that they have. Burglars are therefore also dumbfounded by this.

The character according to breeders dwarf poodle

According to the dwarf poodle breeders, the most important qualities of a poodle are that he is loyal and cheerful. The standard poodle you see a lot at fashion shows. But what many people do not know is that the poodle is also suitable for sport. They namely have a lot of energy and are super smart. Originally, the poodle was around 14 years old.e century this was a real hunting dog. However, this has developed over the years into a loyal four-legged friend who is in for some fun. These dogs are also used for rescues in nature or on the water. And on courses you often see them teaching with a Miniature Poodle. This is because they are very obedient and smart. So they pick up the material well and quickly so they can pass this on to other dog owners.

The advantages of buying a real Miniature Poodle from one of our breeders

The biggest advantage of buying a Miniature Poodle from a breeder is the feeling. You know that the animals have a good life and are often bred on a small scale. Also, most breeders have other pets in the house and the father and mother get enough attention. But besides that, they are also very beautiful. This does require some extra maintenance but most people are willing to do that. They are also very agile animals, so you can play good games with them.

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