Organic seeds

An organic garden is something you see more and more in the street scene nowadays. It involves the use of seeds that have been produced in a biological way. This means that the seeds are produced without the use of chemicals. 

An organic garden

The term organic garden is something that sounds strange to many people. This is because while many people know what organic products are that you can buy in the store, they don't have as much understanding of the organic industry that they can take advantage of even more. 

These days everyone is becoming more aware of the way they live and the effect their lifestyle has on the things around them. There is also more and more to find out about the way our food and drink is produced and what effect that can have. This is why the organic garden is becoming more and more popular. 

An organic garden is a garden that does not use any chemical products or artificial fertilizer. This also means that there is more respect for nature. 

Besides an organic garden you also have an ecological garden. This is very different. An ecological garden is mainly about the environment and sustainability. However, it is possible to combine these two types of gardens. 

What exactly are organic seeds?

For many people, it is just a question of what organic seeds actually are. This is because organic gardening uses only organic seeds. In short, organic seeds are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. 

The fertilizer used during the cultivation of organic seeds is completely organic. This means that it is completely animal or vegetable. Also the rest of the production process is completely organic. 

The Skal foundation was set up to check this. It ensures that the quality and reliability of organic products in our country as good as possible. The products that are approved by Skal can be recognized by the European organic label. 

If you want to garden organically, organic seeds are a must. By using organic seeds you know for sure that all processes in your garden are done in a biological way. This makes it a lot less harmful for the environment. 

Special development

Organic seeds are developed in a special way. This is because when seeds are produced a lot of attention is paid to the different characteristics of the plants. With organic seeds it is also important that this is taken into account. 

This is especially important because the conditions in an organic garden are often different from those in a regular garden. Regular seeds often react well to artificial fertiliser. This is not the case with organic seeds. With organic seeds, the focus is on good growth when normal fertiliser is used. 

Also, organic seeds are often more resistant to various diseases. Because of this the yield of the plants can sometimes be a bit lower. However, this is something you know against an organic garden. 

Because there is an increasing demand for organic seeds, more and more different varieties of organic seeds are developed. Because of this, there is more and more choice in what you want to have from organic seeds. This makes an organic garden a lot more common for many people. 

Buy organic seeds

If you want to buy organic seeds, there are some things you have to pay attention to. First of all it is important to pay attention to the label of Skal. If this mark is not on the package of the organic seeds, you can be sure that these seeds are not organic or that they are not approved yet. 

When you want to be sure of good organic seeds, you can always order organic seeds. This way you are sure of what you are buying and you do not have the problem that you have to search for a long time before you get the good seeds you are looking for. 

There are many different kinds of organic seeds you can buy or order. Nowadays there are possibilities to buy organic seeds for most of the seeds you cannot buy organically. 

For example, you can buy plants which are very good for starting a vegetable garden. You can also choose to buy plants which are good for starting a normal garden. So the choice is entirely up to you what you want to do with your garden. 

Organic potting soil and fertilizer

If you want to plant organic seeds, it is not only important to have organic seeds, but it is also very useful to make sure you have organic potting soil. By doing this you make sure that not only the plants themselves are organic, but also the soil they are using. 

Organic potting soil often contains normal manure. This ensures that the soil holds the water that rains on it much better. This in turn ensures that the plants can extract water from the soil for a longer period of time. Because of this the water does not flow away as fast and there is less chance of nuisance from water. 

Organic seeds and plants can often also feed a lot longer from manure than from artificial fertiliser. This is because manure contains a lot of natural nutrients for plants. This ensures that the plants can grow well and that they also grow in a natural way. This is something which is very good for the plants and which is also important to take good care of. That is why this is done more and more. 

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